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Choose your pricing plan

  • 1 Hour Session

    One on one training in any facet of the game
    • One on One Training Session
  • Basic Membership

    Every year
    Think of it as a starter kit to your success
    • Access to all training plans and drill library
  • Pro Plus Membership

    Every month
    Custom Plans and Dedicated Service to YOUR Game
    • Access To All Plans
    • A Custom Plan That Changes With You
    • Virtual Catch Ups and Evals
  • Grande Liga

    Every month
    Professional Level Personal Coaching
    • Custom Plans and Feedback ($45 Value)
    • Up to 4 One on One Sessions ($200+ Value)
    • Video Breakdown and Analysis
    • Access to my Personal Line
    • *One on One Sessions local to Cincinnati Area Only
  • MVP

    Every month
    For local players only. Includes all below tiers plus more
    • All Items From Lower Tier Plans ($50+ Value)
    • Up to 8 In Person Sessions ($400+ Value)
    • Continued Support Through The Regular and Offseason
    • Exclusive Discounts On All Affiliated Brand Products
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